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Serge Dansereau's book launch - The Bather's Pavilion

On November 29th, 2006 Serge Dansereau, who is the owner and chef of the renowned restaurant Bathers' Pavilion located on Balmoral Beach, launched his fourth book.  During the evening, we could sample some of the delicious recipes taken from the book and drink great sparkling wine!  The book's title is "The Bather's Pavilion, menus and recipes" and is published by ABC.  It is a great idea for a Christmas gift, plus I was assured by Serge that the recipes are easy to make! RRP is $65.

Serge is originally from Montreal and moved to Australia 23 years ago.  He is married to Yvette and has two children Céleste and Sasha. 

Come to the Bather's Pavilion for a delicious breakfast, lunch or come for a special dinner and don't forget to say bonjour to Serge! 


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