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Saint-Jean Baptiste party et autres activités en juin !


Australian Premiere of the movie "To Speak" and address by Janne Ritskes (Canadian Aid Worker)

Orpheum Theatre, Military Road, Cremorne Sydney

Thursday, 12th of June

Drinks available from 6pm.  Movie starts at 6:45pm.

Fundraising event !

Tickets: $50 and $20 for students

After three decades of war and instability, Cambodia, which has experienced horror rivalling anything in history, is slowly on the mend, and the people are cautiously optimistic about the future. One reason for the optimism is Tabitha-Cambodia, a non-profit organisation based in Phnom Penh, whose purpose is to reach out to the country’s most impoverished citizens. Janne Ritskes is an inspirational Canadian aid worker, a committed, innovative and a tenacious women who for the past 20 years has worked on development programs in US slums, the Philippines, Kenya and for the past 14 years Cambodia where nearly half a million people have been assisted so far. Janne's organisation has strong links to Australia and she's here in June to talk with school students and businesses, some of whom will go to Cambodia to work with her later this year and build houses for the poorest Cambodian families.

'To Speak', a feature film set in Cambodia and based on the work of Tabitha Cambodia, made its world premiere at last year's Montreal World Film Festival.

Based on actual events and starring many Tabitha staff members, 'To Speak' tells the story of Ratana, a young girl living in an impoverished village, who dreams of building a new and permanent home for her family. Ratana decides to enrol in the Tabitha "Family Development through Saving Program" and, in addition to following Ratana through her struggles towards her dream, the film also examines the ongoing trauma which is the legacy of the Khmer Rouge and the Killing Fields.


The night is also an opportunity to help Janne celebrate her 60th birthday !

Fête de la Saint-Jean Baptiste - Samedi le 21 juin 2008 au Harts Pub !

Le Pub est réservé exclusivement pour nous ! Alors n'oubliez pas de réserver cete date importante et d'en parler à vos amis. Plus de détails suivront la semaine prochaine.

Harts Pub

Gloucester Street (corner Essex Street)

The Rocks, Sydney

Saint-Jean Baptiste party - Saturday, June 21st at the Harts Pub !

The pub will be reserved exclusively for our function. Don't forget to tell your friends and reserve this important date.

More information will follow next week !

The Harts Pub

Gloucester Street (corner Essex Street)

The Rocks, Sydney

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