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Jean Béliveau - June 6th ! 

Dear all!

I am pleased to inform you that as part of his long walk around the world, Jean Beliveau will have walked close to 67,000 km while crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunday, June 6. The crossing of the bridge should begin around 9 am (or 10 am).

Jean left Montreal in August 2000 for a walk of more than 75,000 km through the 5 major continents. He has been walking in Australia (his 62nd country so far) since last October and should get back home in some 17 months…

The theme of this longest walk around the world is to raise consciousness toward the UNESCO Decade for peace and non-violence for the children of the world. For more information, please visit his web site: www.wwwalk.org

Jean is happy to invite you, your members and friends of our Canadian and Quebec communities to join him for this symbolic crossing. We will later spot the places of departure and arrival.

It is said that walking is good for your health and for peace… why not merge the pleasure with the cause?


Luce Archambault


P.S.         For information, you may reach Jean on his cell phone: 042 960 6817, or by email: jeanbeliveau00@yahoo.ca


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