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INVITATION - Quebec Film on Saturday August 18th at Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival


I will give you more information about the evening later ! Please reserve Saturday, August 18th in your agenda !

We've just confirmed a new Quebecois film for the festival, an Australian premiere! It's on Saturday night and we'll host a drinks reception before.

Australian Premiere

Sat 18th August | 6:30pm | Dendy Opera Quays
Dir: Guy Édoin, Canada, 2011, 111 min, French, English subs | Cast: Pascale Bussieres, Gabriel Maille, Luc Picard

A farming family is torn apart by secrets, hardship and fate in this riveting melodrama.

In Quebec’s drought-ridden Eastern Townships, Jean (Luc Picard) and Marie (Pascale Bussières) fight to keep their dairy farm afloat, relying increasingly on their reluctant teenaged son Simon, himself struggling with guilt and illicit longings. Wetlands charts the fragile bonds and conflicting desires of a family plagued by misfortune and hit by the harsh economic realities of faming life.

Shot in lush, bold colours against majestic widescreen rural vistas, Wetlands features powerful performances from some of Canada’s most acclaimed actors. Combining naturalism and melodrama, Guy Edoin’s captivating story zeroes in on the parallel fates of Marie and her son - each seeking freedom in the face of difficult odds – to form an ambitious drama about identity, sacrifice, guilt and, eventually, emancipation.

“A triumph of naturalism by first-time feature director Edoin, the latest and possibly most gifted of the younger generation of Quebecois filmmakers.” – Screen Daily

Official Selection Critics Week, Venice Film Festival
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