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Hockey Night - Montreal vs Toronto - Monday April 29th (Sydney) 6pm

Vous etes invites a une soiree du Hockey ! You are invited to a ice hockey night !

Join us for a few drinks, POUTINE and watch hockey on giant screen. There will be a section in the back of the pub dedicated for HOCKEY NIGHT. I will be there from 5:30pm to welcome you !  The game starts at 6pm.

C'est une belle occasion pour rencontrer les amis du Quebec Oz Club, le Club Canadien Australien et le groupe de Doug Wilson qui organise les soirees de Hockey en Australie !

Les moins de 18 ans peuvent venir a la soiree accompagnes d'un parent.

Reglements:  La partie de hockey est normalement samedi soir au Canada (27 avril) et dimanche matin (28 avril) en Australie.  Il est important de ne pas parler des resultats de la partie lundi le 29 avril (il faut garder la surprise).

Great occasion to meet friends from the Quebec Oz Club, Canadian Australian Club and Doug Wilson and his group (the Hockey Nights organiser).

Also, kids/teenagers are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

IMPORTANT RULE - The game is played on Saturday night in Canada (27th of April) or Sunday morning in Australia (April 28th).  If you know the results on Monday, don't spoil the surprise !  Let's keep it a secret.

Let me know if you are coming  - send an email at diane@allegria.com.au or call 0414951961.

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