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SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL - More Canadian films ! Hurry up 


N'oubliez pas qu'il reste encore de bons films à voir !

Les films suivants sont des films Canadiens à ne pas manquer !
The following movies are Canadian films, not to be missed !

The captive
Director: Atom Egoyan
Sypnosis: This complex psychological thriller is about a kidnapping and how it destroys the relationships of those involved. Matthew (Ryan Reynolds) is the father of an abducted child. Eight years after her disappearance, a series of clues emerge. These lead Matthew to believe that his now 17-year-old daughter is alive, compelling him to desperately search for her. At the same time, two detectives (Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson) have been attempting to unravel the mystery. Several lives intertwine as dark secrets are gradually revealed.
Times and Venues: Tuesday 10th of june at 8:25 pm @ State Theatre, Thursday 12th of June at 8h30 pm @ Hayden Orpheum Cremorne 4

Director: Louise Archambault
Sypnosis: Gabrielle, a musically gifted woman with intellectual disability (played by Gabrielle Marion-Rivard in a semi-autobiographical role) lives in a group home. When she falls in love with Martin (Alexandre Landry), a young man with a similar disability who sings in her choir, she discovers that their families and social workers have concerns. This movie refuses to stereotype or infantilise people with disabilities.
Times and Venues: Friday 13th of June at 8h35pm @State Theater, Saturday 14th of June at 7pm @Event Cinema’s George Street 8, Sunday 15th of June at 6:15pm @Hayden Orpheum Cremorne 4.

Joy of Man’s desiring
Director: Denis Côté
Sypnosis: This film blurs the lines between documentary and drama, marking this story about French Canadian factory workers with striking realism. With minimal dialogue, Côté's film captures the normality of working-class life. The characters are shrouded in mystery: the girl who prays for a job in a quiet corner, the older man holding court with his coworkers as he tells a proverb-laden story. The film moves from one worker to another, one machine to the next – dirty fingers, sweat-stained faces, water cooler chat and smoking breaks – with abstract dialogue filling brief moments of reprieve for these people who are connected solely through their occupation.
Time and Venues: Wednesday 4th of June at 6h30 pm @Dendy Opera Quays Cinema 2, Saturday 14th of June at 10h00 am @Dendy Opera Quays Cinema 3.

Director: Richie Mehta
Sypnosis: Barely able to support his family, he takes his 12-year-old son Siddharth out of school and sends him hundreds of kilometres away to work in a factory. When there's no sign of the boy when he is due back for a visit, Mahendra begins the painstaking search for his only son. Without the know-how or resources to conduct a proper search, Mahendra becomes increasingly desperate and the viewer becomes increasingly attached to this parent, hoping that he will succeed against the odds.
Time and Venues: Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th of June, Dendy Opera Quays cinema 2 for both days.

Tom at the farm
Director: Xavier Dolan
Sypnosis: Tom (played by Dolan) attends the funeral of his gay lover Guillaume in rural Quebec. Arriving at Guy's childhood home on a remote dairy farm, he discovers his grieving mother is unaware of her son's sexual orientation; while Guy's imposing older brother forces Tom to hide his identity to protect the family name. Soon the two men enter into a dangerous dance of repressed lust and sadistic impulses as elements of the family's dark past surface.
Time and Venues: 4th of June Event Cinemas George Street 9 and 13th of June Event Cinemas George Street 4

You’re sleeping Nicole
Director: Stéphane Lafleur
Sypnosis: Shot in alluring black and white, this 2014 Cannes Directors' Fortnight selection is a delightful and quirky film about twentysomething Nicole's surprisingly eventful summer. Housesitting the family home while her parents are away, Nicole is looking forward to peace and quiet. But when her brother Rémi (Marc-André Grondin, Vic + Flo Saw A Bear, SFF 2013; C.R.A.Z.Y., SFF 2006) and his rock band move into the family home to rehearse, Nicole's plan to do mostly nothing goes awry. And to add to the excitement a young boy she babysits, whose voice has broken prematurely, has fallen relentlessly in love with her. Stéphane Lafleur's follow up to his festival hits Continental, A Film without Guns (SFF 2008) and the time-travel comedy/drama Familiar Grounds is infused with his trademark absurd humour and a great soundtrack.
Time and Venues: 12th Dendy opera Quays cinema 3 and 15th of June Event Cinemas George Street 9


Check out the film program, Festival Hub and events here.


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