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Invitation - Pièce de théâtre 8 femmes !

Sydney French Theatre presents ‘8 Femmes’

8 women, 1 murder. They are all lying, but which one is the femme fatale? A murder has shaken the household. To make it out of this isolated mansion alive they need to trust each other, but all 8 women are lying. So who committed the murder? Was it the unhappy wife? Was it the greedy mother-in-law? Or was it the maid with a past? Will they uncover the truth in time to stop the killer from striking again? The suspense will kill you…if she doesn’t first!

Written by Robert Thomas. Directed by Cecile Payet. Performed in French with English subtitles.

Sydney French Theatre presents ‘French Rendez-Vous’

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Original short comedies about finding the wrong person in all the wrong places. Whether you’re lovesick or sick of love, you can’t help but laugh at these would-be Romeos putting their best foot forward & putting the other foot in their mouths!

Written by Maxime Elgue. Performed in French with English subtitles.

 Book online now: www.newtowntheatre.com.au or by phone: (02) 8507 3034

Newtown Theatre, 29 April - 10 May, Tickets $20


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